Construction of cottages from foam blocks

Recently, the construction of cottages from foam blocks is particularly popular. First of all, it is associated with a relative cheap material. In addition, compared to brick, foam concrete is better kept warm inside the country house. For comparison, it is worth noting that a 30 centimeter wall of foam block corresponds to the thermal insulation characteristics of the meter brick wall.
Foam concrete is easily processed and perfectly combined with other materials, which gives large space for incarnation into the reality of the appearance of the architect. The basis for the manufacture of foam blocks is a cellular concrete, suitable for the manufacture of a wide variety of elements used in the construction of country houses, ranging from slabs of overlapping and ending with jumpers and staircase marches. The construction of cottages from foam blocks was so popular and even due to one important advantage of this building material. The walls of the house made of foam concrete can "breathe", which creates additional comfort.
The construction of cottages from foam blocks is becoming increasingly common, because the material is economical and easy.
Construction of cottages from foam blocks
The ease of material allows you to save significant funds when building a country house foundation. An important advantage of the material is the accuracy of the geometry of blocks. The construction of cottages from foam blocks is made using special glue, which allows you to make the walls of the country house smooth and practically monolithic. The walls of the construction do not need additional alignment before facing, which is made using materials for finishing facades.
Construction of country houses from foam blocks greatly simplifies the installation of communications. In the material, the channels for the electrical wiring, the heating and plumbing system of the cottage are fairly easily. Large block size, light weight and simplicity of processing, allow you to build houses with an accelerated pace. Foam block, despite the presence of a large number of advantages, has its own shortcomings. The main minus is the obligation of wall decoration with brick, siding and another matrial. This is due to the fact that the foam block is sensitive to the effects of high humidity. In addition, without facing the walls have a non-primary look. Reklama internete