5 tips, how to make a man better in bed

Only a few small, but important details can separate good sex from perfection. If you are a man and want to fully satisfy my beloved wife, learn 5 tips, how to become the best in bed.
Many women are disappointed with the attitude of men in sex. According to the gentle gender, most partners do not pay enough attention to their needs and think that if they have an orgasm, then everything is in order. Of course, this does not apply to a serious relationship in which men know that they should give as much as they want to get. And yet, men, here are 5 tips, how to make you the best in bed:
Seduce her
Women need more time to adapt to sex. This is the main rule that all men should know about. So that the woman was quite predisposed, her partner should be able to rally all his body. It is easy to do with a sensual massage and very gentle (and not only) kisses. The body of a woman is similar to the treasure, and men must learn to pay attention to every centimeter.
Pay attention to the chest
While a man with tenderness studies the body of his pair, he must also pay special attention to the chest. Women's breasts - a very sensual area, but only under the condition of proper stimulation. For men, it is better to start with softer movements and kisses and increase pressure if the woman's reaction allows it.
Ottipe do it yourself
Women can have different types of orgasms, and the clitoris stimulation is a great way to cause sufficient arousal during intercourse. This is what men should pay special attention. And yet let's not forget that the clitoris in women is an anatomical counterpart of the penis in men. So, men, imagine what orgasm you will receive without stimulation of the penis, and you will understand the importance of the stimulation of the clitoris for women.
Do not forget oral sex
Men love oral sex, but how many of them agree to respond? So that the man was good in bed, he must learn to give pleasure (and orgasm) with his beloved wife through oral sex. However, before starting oral stimulation, make sure that the woman relaxed quite relaxed and there is no embarrassing between you.
Accept her sexual emotions
Many women experience various sexual emotions after orgasm, which can be expressed in tears, laughter or trembling. Men should not worry about these female reactions, but to perceive them as normal - thus, the trust between the two partners will become even more. Stay with your beloved or leave her alone, if this is her desire. In any case, show that you love her and she has no reasons to worry about his reaction. Register and play at slot sites casino for real money or in demo mode on our website!